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RECAN bin 80


your recycling 



Fit for purpose

Designed to be lightweight, durable and visible so you can separate the cans and bottles from co-mingling. It is big enough to hold 100 - 300 eligible containers easily and fits perfectly with the RECAN Bag. 

Size : 40cm x 27.7cm x 65cm (WxLxH).

Not an ordinary recycling bin

It is a bin that comes with an integrated door-to- door recycling collection service, closing the gap in the existing system. Effortless recycling begins at your fingertips simply by registering 



* Currently available in Brisbane only. 


We could not find a suitable bin with an affordable price tag. Switching to a more sustainable lifestyle should not be expensive. So we made our own. Not a 

RECAN member yet? Buy the bin with 40% discount! join now 

* Currently available in Brisbane only. 

Eco-Friendly choice

Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make. RECAN bin 80 is made out of corrugated plastic which consume less energy and carbon footprint during manufacturing and logistics compare to other materials.  Water proof, easy to maintain and 100% recyclable.

About RECAN bin 80 

How to assemble & use:

On-demand eligible containers collection service from your

home and business in Brisbane


Full bin?

Schedule a pick-up.

That's right. Everything else is done for you. Experience hassle-free recycling at your fingertips.

Log in, schedule a pick-up, leave your full bag outside. 

Driving, counting, credit transfer and impact report calculating the difference you made is all on us. A small deduction of $5 credit per bag is what you share with us in order to create local jobs, reduce carbon footprint, support Aussie depots and save the containers from the landfill and waterways. Do good, save time and get paid with RECAN's collection services. Recycling doesn't get any easier than this.


“If you have eligible containers stashed up at home and don't want to go to a depot or stink up your car, Use RECAN. "

Danielle M.


Recycling Tips from RECAN

10c Refund Mark

Lids off


Maximise your earning and minimise the carbon footprint during collection

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