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  • Delivery / Pick-up Options?
    AustPost - We work with AustPost and it will ship your product safely within 4-5 working days. If you haven't received the product after 5 working days of your purchase, please let us know Pick-up - We have two storage units in Brisbane, Queensland. If you choose to do the pick-up yourself, then please write to us at RECAN members (Free Delivery) - When you check out 1. Select Free Shipping option 2. Write "RECAN" in the Promote Code 3. Write your "Registered email address" in the NOTE. Your products will be delivered by our team free of charge.
  • What is the size of RECAN bin 80 and RECAN bag?
    RECAN bin 80: 40cm x 27.7cm x 65cm (WxLxH) Size : 80 L RECAN bag (Bin liner) : 69cm x 83cm Size: 100 L
  • My recycling bin is full now. What do I need to do now?
    If you are new to RECAN, welcome! Here is the easiest way for you to recycle your eligible containers in Australia. When your RECAN bin is full with eligible containers, 1. Register and Schedule a pick-up at 2. Find a secure place to take out the full RECAN bag (bin-liner) 3. A RECAN driver will come and pick-up the bag and take them to the local depot to count, refund and recycle. You can request for extra RECAN bags in your letterbox or designated location. 4. Your RECAN account will be credited in full with an impact report after a small deduction of $5 per bag for the service If you are not a RECAN Member, take out your leakproof RECAN Bag and take it to the closest depot to recycle.
  • Can I use RECAN Credits to purchase items at RECAN Shop?
    We are currently working to have our two websites integrated. Please be patient with us as we will notify our members first when this is up and running.
  • Difference between RECAN.CO vs RECAN.SHOP?
    Both websites are managed by RECAN Create Pty Ltd to make sustainable life easy for all. However, these two web sites are running in two different operating system for security reasons. RECAN.CO will continue to provide on-demand door to door recycling collection service and RECAN.SHOP will be a place where you can find curated products that can accelerate circular economy and push more a more sustainable lifestyle.
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